“Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs in one go.” — Truman Capote

Hello, everyone. I hope you had a wonderful weekend and are ready for September (can you believe it). I came back from Paris yesterday night and finally got around to editing the pictures from my Italy trip with my friend P., who has an Instagram account and is a fantastic singer. Paris was magical as usual, I made it to Van Gogh's masterpieces at Musée d'Orsay and paid my tribute to Oscar Wilde at Père Lachaise this time. As I didn't take my DSLR with me, my Paris photos are up on Instagram, but I will probably post them on the blog as well. Apart from travelling stories there is not much to tell, as soon as September brings us colourful leaves and (hopefully) golden sunshine, I need to start studying for upcoming exams at the end of the month. Enjoy your evening!

“She wore a gown the colour of storms, shadows, and rain and a necklace of broken promises and regrets.” — Susanna Clarke

Primark jumper | H&M treggins/jeggins (whatever) | Oasap kimono

Hello everyone! I sincerely hope you've all been enjoying your week thus far. This is a somewhat random post featuring yet another not really spectacular but truly comfortable (and effortless) outfit with yet another kimono (I love them to pieces). I recently returned from Italy with a full heart and a full memory card, so stay tuned for many Venice and Verona impressions. I hope I'll have time and inspiration to go through and edit them very soon. Masterful procrastinator that I am, the last week has mainly been spent reading (a lot) instead of planning the next semester. I'll start with literature courses in addition to history and I'm positive it will work out well. I'm going to visit a friend in Paris next week, but I guess I'll just instagram what catches my eye in this wonderful city which never let go of my heart. I can't wait to make a return and renew all the beautiful memories.

“The earth has music for those who listen.” — George Santayana

● The past couple of days I've been exploring the city with my wonderful friend (and soulmate) Valeria. If you don't know her blog yet, make sure to check it out- if you like mine, chances are you'll adore hers even more :) The pictures above are some impressions of our wanderings which I posted on Instagram.  I finished my three-week Spanish course and am now enjoying some quiet days at home before heading to Italy by train next week. Adventurous times ahead!

And since my little giveaway is closed by now, it's time to announce the lucky winner! All valid entries were placed in chronological order and the winner was picked via Random.org. ● Herzlichen Glückwunsch an dich, liebe Thi! Du wirst in Kürze eine E-Mail mit dem Gewinncode bekommen :)
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“I think I fall in love a little bit with anyone who shows me their soul.” — Emery Allen

Vintage Levis shorts | floral kimono, short lace leggings and shirt c/o Oasap

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you're enjoying those summery days. I have to confess I'm not that much into the heat myself, I'm more of an autumn/spring child. Don't get me wrong, I love ice cream, warm summer nights and the sea, but I could gladly go without sticky hands, sweaty clothes and greasy eyeliner, ugh.
But let me quickly sum up what I've been up to since my last post. I'm currently attending a three-week Spanish course which I'm enjoying very much, and I also attempted to change my hair colour according to the season and used Lush's henna (in the shade of caca rouge). I love a nice shade of red in my hair and I wanted something natural that has not been tested on animals, thus I chose this particular brand and product. Applying it was a total mess (I have been warned beforehand, so I was prepared) but the whole procedure was kind of funny and I'm quite happy with how it turned out, although I was a bit surprised that it didn't end up more intense. I think it's washing out/getting lighter quite fast, so let's see what I'll do to my hair in the future :) I'm observing that I've become so much less concerned about what other people think about my personal taste (hair style, etc) and that makes me happy, it's fun to experiment with hairstyles and colours (deep in my memory I can recall a teenage me being very upset and convinced the blode dye turned out yellow).
And one last note (from the narrator: I am haunted by humans sorry), I am so obsessed with kimonos, especially floral ones. They're so comfortable, elegant and floating around your waist like a soft breeze.

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